As a valued customer to Lynx Fuels we wanted to keep you up to date with the movements in the fuel market over the past 10 days. The fuel increases have been heavily publicised but we are not sure if everyone is aware of the extremity.
The Russian advances into Ukraine and the sanctions put on them have severely affected the fuel market and we have seen rises like never before.
The below article was produced yesterday and since then the prices have risen a further 11 pence per litre which totals over 20 pence in the last 10 days.
Oil price rises again as buyers shun Russian crude - BBC News

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“Really good service especially at the moment. Pleasant staff on the phone and keen to help as we had almost run out. Delivery driver followed all guidelines and was still really cheerful. Super company.” 

customer testimonial

“Incredible service and have just helped us out when we had run out. Very friendly and helpful staff and I can not recommend enough. Thank you again for saving the day. I will continue to use you after this. Fast and friendly! What more could you want!” 

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