Echo The Eurasian Lynx... And A New Family Member

The Lynx Fuels team are proud to sponsor Echo the Eurasian Lynx and Ark Exotic Animal Sanctuary and love to receive updates about how she is doing and what is new at the wildlife park. We are delighted to update you about what is going on in Echo’s life and new animals to the park in Lincolnshire…

Echo is currently growing her winter coat to keep herself cosy and warm with the change of the seasons and is becoming noticeably more active. Being a cat that tends to favour colder climates, she is well suited for the UK winter as Eurasian Lynx were once native to the UK. She is looking very happy relaxing in the Autumn sunshine!

Ark Exotic Animal Sanctuary have recently welcomed a North American Bobcat which is the smallest member of the lynx family, meaning they now have the smallest and largest lynx species in one wildlife park. Her name is Jinx, she isn’t a rescue as such, instead Ark were contacted by a friend asking to give her a home from a breeding program. Isn’t she beautiful…

In the not too distant future, Ark Exotic Animal Sanctuary will be giving a home to a rescued Chausie cat. This is a man-made hybrid species between a wildcat species, known as a jungle cat, and a domestic cat. They hope that the cat will be joining Ark before the end of the year.

It is looking very promising that Ark will also be opening their doors early next year to three caracal cats that were being kept illegally. They are now in safe hands with a sanctuary Ark work with in Spain who can hold them temporarily until they can be brought to the UK.

You can find out more about this fantastic animal sanctuary and the work that they do, here:

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