We Are Now Offering Magnus Monitors!

The Lynx Fuels team are proud to announce that we are now offering Magnus Monitors to our customers! MAGNUS is the world’s first radar-based level monitoring solution that will notify you when you are running low on fuel. From domestic through to agricultural and commercial tanks, the Magnus Monitor app will provide an in-depth view of your fuel stock levels.

Not only does the smart monitor notify you as a customer, but our team are also notified that you are running low on fuel and this allows us to predict and plan your next fuel delivery.

The Magnus Monitor supports a wide range of fuels including Kerosene, Gas Oil and Diesel/ Derv, allowing our Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural customers across the North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire always be in the know about their fuel and how much they are using.

If you are looking to have a Magnus Monitor installed to your tank, a member of the friendly Lynx Fuels team will visit you to install the monitor and start monitoring your fuel levels straight away.

We are delighted to be able to offer these fantastic, state-of-the-art fuel monitors to our customers as it means the wheels of industry can keep on turning without worrying about their fuel levels, farmers can carry on using their machinery and domestic customers never need to be cold during the cooler months. 

Have you got a question for our team about the Magnus Monitors? To request a call back from a member of our team visit: www.lynxfuels.co.uk/magnus-monitors.asp or view our contact page for your local depot phone number.

Lynx Fuels supply Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural fuel along with betterBURN & betterBURNV, Pre Packed Kerosene, Lubricants, AdBlue & Fuel Additives. For more information about our local, friendly and reliable fuel supply, visit: www.lynxfuels.co.uk

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customer testimonial

“Really good service especially at the moment. Pleasant staff on the phone and keen to help as we had almost run out. Delivery driver followed all guidelines and was still really cheerful. Super company.” 

customer testimonial

“Incredible service and have just helped us out when we had run out. Very friendly and helpful staff and I can not recommend enough. Thank you again for saving the day. I will continue to use you after this. Fast and friendly! What more could you want!” 

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