UKIFDA FAME/Gas Oil Update

Our Trade Association, UK & Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) has recently issued an update on the situation to its members. The summary of their update is


  • The issue was first reported in the south east in early August. The main impacted areas appear to be Central Belt Scotland, Avonmouth, Thames & South England, Ireland and East Anglia. There are also reports of sporadic issues in the Midlands, Humber, North Scotland and in the far SW
  • The issue is not limited to one distributor, primary supplier or supply point nor restricted to just older tanks and equipment. It is mainly impacting gasoil but there are also reports of issues with diesel. Issues include the separation of product in tank, reports of floating white scum on the product (both gasoil & diesel) and quick filter blocking on equipment.
  • When product is tested, the samples are clear and bright and within fuel specification. The contamination mg/kg are within specification as is water content.
  • No real pattern is emerging making resolution and understanding the focal point for discussion very difficult although there seems to be a higher occurrence of filter blocking issues after sub-zero night-time temperatures.
  • UKIFDA members continue to provide advice and support to their
    customers and samples of issues to the primary suppliers and the results to UKIFDA. UKIFDA reiterate their advice on housekeeping given to UKIFDA members to distribute and implement. We also recommending that Members check that inline filters at Tank Storage depots (between the tank and the loading rack) and that filters on the customer’s tank outlets are fitted and checked regularly as part of depot maintenance.
  • UKIFDA are working hard across the supply chain (stressing the impact this is having on their members and their customers) and with relevant farming and business organisations to try and quickly get to the bottom of the issue which seems to be linked to the introduction of higher percentages of FAME in gasoil across the country.

    More information on these issues can be found at 





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