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A Day in the Life of Dave

 I wake up at 4.30am before the birds to get to work at around 5.30. The first thing I do is push the heated seat button to warm me up, then I put my drivers card in and do the relevant paperwork.

I then do the most important job of the day, I check my truck to make sure there's no defects. I put all my lights on and spend 15 minutes checking to make sure it's road worthy.

Once I know the truck is 100% I then work out what order I will do my deliveries in and what product I need for the day's deliveries and how to load it in the truck.

I then travel to the refinery where going through security you have to hand your phone and sat nav in as there not intrinsically safe items and there's a risk of spark.

Once you’re in the refinery you are working to the strictest safety rules right down to the clothes you wear which need to be anti-static.

You wait your turn to load and you need full concentration to not make the smallest mistake.

I get loaded quick today, looking up to the sky you have the refinery flares lighting it up, the sun is just rising, taking over and lighting the sky up.

Today I have 8 deliveries the first being a farm in North Lincolnshire where they have ordered 5000 Litres of Red Diesel (Gas Oil). it's a typical farm yard with cows and tractors and the odd chicken pecking around.

The farmer walks over and tells me which tank he wants it in, then we get talking about things and he asks if I would like half a dozen eggs and before you know it my 1st delivery is done and 6 eggs are safely put away in the truck… I message my wife saying we're having egg and chips for tea!

It's then half an hour’s drive to a little village that's not on mains gas and I quickly find the property as I have a delivery note saying it's an old school converted to a house… little instructions like this really help a driver out.

I notice it says built 1870 and on closer inspection some of the children have wrote their names into the brick work. The latest date I could find was TOM 1993 so maybe that's when it stopped being a school.

I do another two more deliveries in this little village and then make my way to a potato factory.

Before I started doing this job I had no idea the variety of places that use oil. I deliver diesel and red diesel and was hoping I would get a bag of spuds to make my chips out of later but no such luck.

Before you know it it's time for a break. Being a HGV driver you have strict laws which you have to abide by, I find somewhere quiet and park up.

I have two little boys under 3 years old so I phone my wife and see what mischief they have been getting up to this morning. They’re in the garden playing on the trampoline with everything you can imagine from the play shed out on the grass.

Soon my break is over and it's back to work. I am going to do some more houses and next up is a delivery down a tight lane at the side of a river. The owner sees me coming and helps me pull the hose out as the tank is the bottom of the garden. It's always nice to speak to the customer, he tells me the house used to be a pub and as a young man he used to come here and have a couple of pints of ale and play pool with his friends. When it come up for sale his inner youth got the better of him and he bought it. I like to hear little stories like this and  I find it interesting the history behind older buildings. The next deliveries are all easy to find, the last one having a little jack Russell dog that wants to play so after 5 minutes of throwing a ball I deliver, and the truck is empty… all deliveries are done.

It's about an hour’s drive back to the yard. Once back I do all relevant paperwork and give the truck a final walk round check to make sure there are no defects that have happened during the day.

I lock the truck and off home I go to make tea with my eggs and to have a play in the garden with the boys before bed.

I really love my job, it is so diverse as you never know where you’re going to go or what you’ll see, who you’ll speak to or what you will find out. I like the freedom of driving around the country lanes visiting farms and seeing some beautiful Lincolnshire countryside while providing an essential utility need. My name is Dave and this is a typical day for me. 


Get to know Dave

Favourite hobby –

Spending time in the woods where I love to go foraging for food, also learning and teaching my boys woodcraft skills

Favourite music -

Dance music

Hero -

Sir Alex Ferguson

Favourite part of job -

Helping people, seeing some beautiful and interesting parts of the country

Least favourite part -

Getting up at 4.30

Favourite film -

Crocodile Dundee

Favourite TV shows –

Big Bang theory and Peaky Blinders

Favourite food -


Favourite drink -


Favourite place I have visited -

Mexico on my Honeymoon

Future ambition -

Own some woodland of my own

Something interesting about me -

5th Dan black belt WTF Taekwondo British team member for world championships


I am 37 years old, married with 3 young boys and I have worked for lynx fuels for 6 months but have been a tanker driver for over 6 years. My favourite things in the whole world are my wife, my kids and being outdoors in the woods.

I enjoy the simple things in life!

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customer testimonial

“Really good service especially at the moment. Pleasant staff on the phone and keen to help as we had almost run out. Delivery driver followed all guidelines and was still really cheerful. Super company.” 

customer testimonial

“Incredible service and have just helped us out when we had run out. Very friendly and helpful staff and I can not recommend enough. Thank you again for saving the day. I will continue to use you after this. Fast and friendly! What more could you want!” 

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