Lynx Fuels Proud to Donate to The Harrogate Homeless Project

This week the Lynx Fuels team received a fantastic cake from one of our dedicated drivers. As a thank you we decided to donate the cake to a great cause, the Harrogate Homeless Project – Springboard.

On Monday, Alan Overton made a special delivery to the Lynx Fuels Leeming Bar Depot; an amazing cake hand made by Tiggylou’s Cakes which was a direct model of the Lynx Fuels Articulated Tanker which Alan is very proud to drive and can regularly be spotted across the region delivering fuel to the Lynx Fuels Depots and customers.

Alan provided the cake as a way of thanking the Lynx Fuels Team for being made to feel so welcome and for the joy he gets from working with his friends and colleagues at BWOC.

The delicious cake had 3 parts to it, the bottom of the cake was After Eight sponge, the Tank was lemon sponge and the Cab was chocolate.

The Lynx Fuels team wanted to donate the cake to a very worthy cause (although there was definitely temptation to keep and eat themselves!) and so choose the Harrogate Homeless Project – Springboard which is a local organisation that deserve more recognition and donations.

On Tuesday morning the team headed to Springboard which is based at Wesley House in Harrogate to donate our fabulous tanker cake!

They were greeted by the Springboard Team comprising of Alison, Linda, Sophie and Derek who were all astounded at how great the cake looked. This donation provided a special treat to all the guests who were visiting Springboard.

The Harrogate Homeless Project is an amazing foundation which is run by an incredible team of volunteers who provide round the clock support for homeless or vulnerably-housed individuals in the Harrogate area.

The support service runs from 10am to 2pm every weekday providing help and advice for those in need. But the amazing volunteers are only just a phone call away at all times.

Because of this we really couldn’t have picked a better support service to donate our cake to.

If you would like to know more about the Harrogate Homeless Project – Springboard and learn more about the fantastic work they do, please visit their website:

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“What other can I say except brilliant! Definitely 5 Star .. ran out of oil on Thursday placed our order with a lovely and very helpful lady named Lesley. Explained we had ran out of our heating oil and Lesley said she would do her best to have it delivered the next day. We really weren’t expecting it until early the following week. But 8am their lovely driver rang and at 8am Friday morning our oil was delivered. We really can’t thank you enough. Highly recommend Lynx Fuels!"

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"This is the first time we have used Lynx Fuels and we found them to be very efficient. They are a nice company, they were friendly and polite from phone call to delivery, and a great price too. We would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend, colleague or member of our family. Definitely 10 out of 10!"

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