pre packed kerosene

Here at Lynx Fuels, we know how important it is to keep you and your family warm all year round. We understand that being without Heating Oil during the cold Winter months is simply not an option for our customers, especially when temperatures plummet. lynx fuels now offer the perfect solution to ensure you never run out of fuel…

Our Pre-Packed Kerosene option is the ideal way to keep stocked up all year round and will ensure you always have a source of heat when you need it most. We can provide you with reusable fuel containers which hold 20 Litres of Kerosene.

Pre-packed kerosene is an ideal alternative to having a fuel delivery when you are close to running out or even if you are just passing our depot.

Pre-Packed Kerosene can be purchased at our Leeming Bar depot, where the Lynx Fuels team will be more than happy to see you and offer any expert advice needed.

These containers can be re-filled as many times as you wish. We also encourage our customers to return the containers if you don't plan on getting another re-fill in the immediate future so that we can recycle them. 

Please call the Lynx Fuels Team on 0845 565 0244, send a message on Facebook or tweet us at @LynxFuels!


Our Tankers are fitted with state of the art technology and trackers. This ensures our tankers and drivers are kept safe and we can plan efficient delivery routes; getting your fuel to you quicker.

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customer testimonial

“Really good service especially at the moment. Pleasant staff on the phone and keen to help as we had almost run out. Delivery driver followed all guidelines and was still really cheerful. Super company.” 

customer testimonial

“Incredible service and have just helped us out when we had run out. Very friendly and helpful staff and I can not recommend enough. Thank you again for saving the day. I will continue to use you after this. Fast and friendly! What more could you want!” 

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